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How to make Gifs [This has now been changed to new format]

Okay so I know that a lot of people had the old version linked/liked. So I made a new one and came back to this to edit the code for anybody who had this liked. So now you have the new version instead of the crappy old version that dimmed the quality of your gifs. So if you are looking at this and had it favorited/liked you are on the right one the layout had just changed to better your gifmaking needs. I noticed that when using the online image editor, website number two, that the quality of the gifs go down. So here is a new tutorial of how to make gifs online without the quality going down due to the OIE.

So the video that I will be using for this is this one right here, because I rather like Chace videos seeing as he’s my fc for this account.

Before we start these are the websites you will be using:

So what I use we can make the gifs from videos. This is the first website that I use. First you want to click ‘CREATE ANIMATED GIF’

After that you will come to this:

Click what’s in the red and put your decided url in there and then you come up to the next scene. Here is what it looks like:

Yes, the video will play and it may drive you nuts but let me show you what each thing does because well, you need it.

  • Light Blue: That is the time your video is at while it’s playing.
  • Purple: The top arrow is where the start of your gif is. The bottom arrow is the end time.
  • Bright green: The lapse of your gif.
  • White: Because your video will be on constant play/loop this is to turn it off and just loop what’s in the blue.
  • Orange: As the video plays if you click set start it will set the start of the gif. The Set End will be the end of your gif.
  • Yellow: The start and end times of the video in your gif.

The gif comes in two layers. The white which is the background then the image part. When the image part is unslected you have just the white part. The default is 320x240. I usually make the white selection 500x270. Because of the fact the first site puts a label on the gif. That extra white space will have the label and you can crop it off in section two.

So you have to click the gif layer to resize it. Again the default is 320x240. I just change the 320 to 500 and leave the 240. The box below has effects, feel free to play with that I know I never do.

  • Green: Add either video from your webcam or from the video you’ve been using. Or an image.
  • White: Add text, this is actually the next step.
  • Light Blue: Draw on the gif. I think you can make cat ears and whiskers this way. I’ve never done it because I’m lazy.
  • Light Purple: this actually will show you some shortcuts/easy press action keys. [I never use them cause I’m difficult but by all means if it helps you do it.]
  • Pink: Do your work in fullscreen
  • Orange: Save your gif.

So going to the “Add Text” selection you can add your text. You need to double click the text box to change it and add your url. As you see I’ve already done this.

^That’s pretty much all of the sidebar you need to know.

^That explains how to keep the text throughout the image without ruining quality.

This you come to the above. Honestly it is easier just to save the gif to your computer. "BUT EVIE/ASHER/ASHERMUN/WHATEVER THE FUCK YOUR NAME IS! IT TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD JUST TO SAVE IT!" Well duh, it must process it’s shit and get it together. Now once that is done you save that shit.

No, you are not done by the way. You want to be done but you are not. This process is a little bitch and I know, it’s upsetting but it is worth the pain in the ass to do it.



At this point you are like, "BITCH THIS SHIT IS NOT FUCKIN EASY!" Well to that I say, “IF IT WAS EASY ALL YALL WOULD HAVE FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS SHIT ALREADY! JFC!” Now you will need website number two. Which is an online image editor. I’ve found this to be the easiest because it allows you to edit gifs, even if it doesn’t have any options. If you find a better one then let me know and I will… idk touch your butt?

So on the front screen you have all this stuff. Lemmie explain the important part.

Once you’ve uploaded you’ll come to this screen:

Honestly, the text will dim down the quality of the gif so at this point just use the gifmaker and then use this to crop. If you want your gifs black and white go to “Color Change” and use grey. It won’t ruin your gif like the black and white will.

Once you’ve cropped go and save the gif then you can move on to step number three which is the last step.



I swear that you are almost done with this. Trust me I’ve been at this tutorial for fuckin’ ever. It’s a pain in the ass to do and honestly if you were next to me it would be easier. Website number three is this here. It’s also how I make my crackship gifs. Tumblr is actually very picky about frames with this process and if the gifs are 500x whatever it’ll accept only 15 frames. I’m told that sometimes if the gif is smaller is size the more frames you can have. I don’t know if that’s true because I like large gifs. So because of that you must cut things out. Plus sometimes you don’t want everything.

So you have all of this here. As you can see I already added my gif that I wish to cut frames out of. Now you can change the size of the gif or just leave that part alone, cause honestly it won’t do anything unless you uncheck the little box.

Now depending on what you do the speed has to be at a certain point. People/animals moving from what I know the speed is usually, 130-150. I usually make mine either 120-140. Rarely will I do it now at 120. Water, rain, fire, the elements, can be at at any speed but those I usually make about 260-100.

To begin cutting frames click upload the gif. You wind up with this:

In total there is 63 frames. You want to cut this down to 15 frames, don’t take from the middle take from the beginning or end of it. To be honest if some frames look like there’s barely any change to them you can cut them. But for gifs that have frames that the change is clearer every other frame, remove every other frame. I do this sometimes for my own gifs. So trim down till you have fifteen frames.

When you finally manage to do it you wind up with only fifteen frames like so:

As you can tell I changed the speed. Click submit, because if you push reset you just clear your entire process, then you come to this screen:

Download your gif then test it out on a text post on tumblr. If it doesn’t work then try to cut out more frames or speed it up. If you are successful you get this:


Now if you used the old gif making tutorial I made doesn’t this seem so much better? It actually makes your gifs look like the other gifs out there. Once again here are the websites:

  1. Gif Maker
  2. OIE
  3. Frame cutter
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